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Stage 4 Restrictions

16:55  14:59 

The State Government have moved to Stage 4 restrictions and unfortunately we have closed the tennis courts again until further notice.

All current financial memberships will be extended by at least six (6) weeks to cover the period of this stage 4 Covid-19 lockdown. If your membership expired prior to 18th March, 2020 then you are non-financial and will not be extended. You can pay your membership to our club bank account BSB 06 3253 a/c 1095 6580 and receive membership benefits.

At this stage all plans for competition tennis have been disrupted until we have a clear indication on which direction the virus will take. The committee will keep you upto date.

Our Annual General Meeting will be deferred untill a later date.

Please ensure that you do not use the courts as you will face large financial penalties as prescribed by the State Government.

Please take note of Covid-19 rules, and keep exercising safely at your home or neighbourhood to ensure your health and fitness is maintained during the lock down.

Please stay connected with our new coaching program Hot Shots Tennis Academy with Gim Kurti. See

If you have any questions about the club or tennis in general, please stay connected by referring to our website or our Facebook page. Also, talk to your team mates and tennis friends about tennis. New members will be needed when this is over, as the impact of Covid-19 on our club is huge. And we will need you to help build our membership again.

The committee wish you and your family well and we will see you on court, hopefully, in the not too distant future.

Take care!

On Behalf of the Committee,
Deer Park Tennis Club Inc.