2018 Queen's Birthday Allcourt Challenge - Results

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Congratulations to the winners and runners up in the 2018 Queen's Birthday Allcourt Challenge! 

      Winner     Runner Up
Girls B Singles   Lashanda Quaindo   Angie Vormwald
Girls B Singles Consolation   Violet Lutar   Ethalia Vormwald
Girls B Doubles   Angie Vormwald
Giselle Doslakoski
  Ethalia Vormwald
Violet Lutar
Boys Open Singles   Andy Tran   Dylan Dinh
Boys Open Singles Consolation   Dylan Bruzzese   Khoa Tran
Boys Open Doubles   Andy Tran
Danny Phuong
  Dylan Dinh
Matthew Draper
Boys Open Doubles Consolation   Dylan Bruzzese
Jake Krohn
  Jack Archer
Khoa Tran
Boys B Singles   Aadi Mohan   Siddarth Somasundaram
Boys B Singles Consolation   Jake Abela   Shashank Jeer
Boys B Doubles   Dereck Dinh
Siddarth Somasundaram
  Jake Abela
Shashank Jeer
Mens Open Singles   Andre Louhanapessy   Dat Dinh
Mens Open Doubles   Elton Farrugia
Kelami Ata
  Andre Louhanapessy
Dat Dinh