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NSJTA Season 2, 2011 - Fixture Collection

19:34  16:52

Juniors players for next season (season 2, 2011) are required to pick up fixtures and associated paperwork from the clubhouse this coming Tuesday, July 19, from 7pm.


Deer Park Tennis Club in 4 A Grade Grand Finals !

19:40  16:52

The Deer Park Tennis Club will compete in an unprecedented 4 A grade North Suburban Junior Tennis Association grand finals after another successful season of NSJTA competition tennis.

The A grade 1 team has dominated the competition for three seasons and won through to the grand final defeating Taylors Lakes 8/64 to 1/32. The team will play in a club record three successive A grade 1 grand finals and is confidently looking to win back-to-back Premierships. The team of Jeremy Beale, Pricilla Djiuardi Anthony, Richard and Melissa Esguerra, Melisa McGregor, and Monica Sulja and have worked extremely hard all season to qualify for the grand final and look forward to an exciting match. All players are regular tournament players on the Melbourne junior tennis circuit, and have Australian junior rankings. Jeremy Beale is also playing grade 3 senior pennant with the Royal South Yarra Tennis Club.

In the A grade 3 section the Deer Park team 7/57 defeated Craigieburn 2/41 to set up an exciting grand final against Buckley Park. The team of Sherridan Rich, Adrianna and Nicholas Eleftheriou, Emma Hartmann, Cameron Knight, Vinh Nguyen, and Emilio Vergara are excited at the prospect of playing in the grand final. Team Captain Sherridan Rich will be playing in her final game of junior tennis before aging out, with the NSJTA being an under 18 competition, and is looking to complete her junior career with a Premiership.

The club’s A Reserve 4 mixed team won through to the grand final with an emphatic win against Riverside 8/64 to 1/40. The Deer Park team of Celeste Beale, Iris Dinaw, Jonathon Dizon, Dylan Ostrycharz, Tricia, Sean and Cassandra Williamson played exciting tennis to make the grand final. The team has played brave tennis all season, going for their shots and playing aggressive tennis.

And the A Reserve 4 Boys will be looking to add another Premiership to the club’s crowded premiership wall, after defeating Hadfield 6/44 to 0/16. The team of James Alexopoulos, Drexl Flores, Leon and Theo Kalavrianos and Brendan Shergill have made a huge statement going into the grand final with a confident win. The team will be working hard over the long weekend to prepare for the grand final and ensure they give themselves the best possible chance to win the Premiership flag for Deer Park.

If anyone would like to join the club and play competition team tennis we have teams in both senior and junior district competition, and can cater for all levels of ability. Our club professional coach, Gim Kurti is also available at the club and can be contacted at www.hsta.com.au or 0432 698 093. The club is situated at Sassella Park Station Road Deer Park and conducts social night tennis every Tuesday and Sunday evening from 7pm until 9.30pm if people from our community would like to join in. We are always looking for new members and also have a qualified personal trainer running a cardio circuit class every Sunday evening from 7.15pm. Please contact the club at www.deerparktc.com or 9363 5860.


NSJTA Season 1, 2010 - Grand Final Draw

22:02  16:52

The draw for the grand finals can be found here.


Good luck to the DPTC teams competing:

A Grade 1 Mixed - versus Hadfield, at Delahey

A Grade 3 Mixed - versus Buckley Park, at Royal Park

A Reserve 4 Mixed - versus Tullamarine, at Essendon

A Reserve 4 Boys - versus Greenvale, at Oak Park


NSJTA Season 1, 2010 - CHAMPIONS

21:40  16:52

Congratulations to the DPTC teams that won the A Grade 1 Mixed, A Grade 3 Mixed and A Reserve 4 Mixed divisions of the season 1, 2010 (Autumn) NSJTA competition !


The A Grade 1 Mixed premiership team players were Jeremy Beale, Anthony, Richard and Melissa Esguerra, Monica Sulja, Melisa Mc Gregor and Pricillia Djiuardi.

The A Grade 3 Mixed premiership team players were Sherridan Rich, Emma Hartmann, Adriana and Nicholas Eleftheriou, Cameron Knight, Vin Nguyen, Sasha Ramahi and Argelyn Dinaw.

The A Reserve 4 Mixed premiership team players were Tricia, Sean and Cassandra Williamson, Dylan Ostrycharz, Rohan Joshi, Celeste Beale, and Iris Dinaw.

Congratulations also to the A Reserve 4 Boys team that made the grand finals of their division -  Leon and Theo Kalavrianos, Brendan Shergill, James Alexopoulos and Drexl Flores.


The final results for the DPTC teams were:

A Grade 1 Mixed
A Grade 3 Mixed
A Reserve 4 Mixed
D Grade 2 Mixed   5th
D Grade 4 Mixed   3rd
A Reserve 4 Boys   2nd
B Grade 1 Boys   7th
B Reserve 2 Boys   5th
D Grade 3 Boys   7th


The A Grade 3 Mixed Team

The Deer Park Tennis Club A Grade 3 Mixed Team


The A Reserve 4 Mixed Team



NSJTA Season 1, 2010 - Ladder Positions

19:01  16:52

Ladder positions for DPTC teams up to and including round 14:

Division   Position
A Grade 1 Mixed   1st
A Grade 3 Mixed   2nd
A Reserve 4 Mixed   1st
D Grade 2 Mixed   5th
D Grade 4 Mixed   2nd
A Reserve 4 Boys   1st
B Grade 1 Boys   7th
B Reserve 2 Boys   5th
D Grade 3 Boys   7th



NSJTA Season 2, 2010 - Ladder Positions

19:01  16:52

Ladder positions for DPTC teams up to and including round 11:

Division   Position
A Special Mixed   2nd
A Grade 3 Mixed   1st
A Reserve 2 Mixed   3rd
D Special 3 Mixed   1st
D Grade 1 Mixed   2rd
A Reserve 2 Boys   1st
B Grade 1 Boys   2nd
B Reserve 2 Boys   1st
D Grade 1 Boys   6th



Juniors Meet And Greet

06:32  16:52

Juniors who have registered to play season 1, 2010 NSJTA are asked to attend the club between 10am and 2pm on Sunday the 24th of January, 2010.

Please bring your tennis racquet as there will be tennis played on this day.

This will be a chance to meet the other players on your team.

The new team t-shirts will also be available to be picked up on this day..

Any junior players who have not paid their registration fees as yet are asked to do so on this day to be able to receive their team t-shirt.

Please also bring $2.00 with you , this will entitle you to a hot dog or a sausage sizzle with a can of drink supplied.


NSJTA Season 1, 2010 - Fixture / Draw Out

18:21  16:52

The fixture and draw for NSJTA Season 1, 2010 are now available on the NSJTA website here:




The season starts Saturday, February 6, 2010 and runs through to the Grand Finals on Saturday, June 19, 2010.


The Deer Park Tennis Club has teams in:

A Grade 1 mixed 1 team
A Grade 3 mixed 1 team
C Grade 3 mixed 1 team
D Grade 2 mixed 1 team
D Grade 4 mixed 1 team
A Reserve 4 boys 1 team
B Grade 1 boys 1 team
B Reserve 2 boys 1 team
D Grade 3 boys 1 team



Juniors Ranking And Team Placement Explained

06:47  16:52

An explanation of how juniors are selected:

Prior to the closing date for the next season entries, the NSJTA delegates  (David Williamson and Raman Joshi) organise a meeting with team managers. At this meeting our teams and what grades they will be playing in are selected. The process for selection is based on how the juniors are ranked on the NSJTA website and how they have been playing all season.

David and Raman rely on our team managers to provide this information, as they are the ones supporting the children and watching them play every week. It is impossible to just use player rankings as there are too many variables such as whether the player is playing in doubles or singles and doubles, whether it is a mixed team or just boys/girls, which position they have played ,i.e. No. 1/2/3 boy/girl., etc.

If a parent believes their child is playing in either too low or too high a grade this season and they wish to discuss this with someone can they please contact David on 0405 530 402. On a very rare occasion we may be able to take parents' requests on board in the team selection, however generally this is not the case.

Our club recommends a grade we believe would be fair and competitive for the teams and then it's out of our hands. The  NSJTA grade selection committee looks at player rankings, how the team performed the previous season (if the team moves up together as one with minor or no changes to the players) and any other relevant information. The NSJTA has the final say as to which grade the team will play at.

Hopefully this explains the process - if you have any questions please feel free to contact the juniors delegates.

Thank you ...


NSJTA Season 2, 2010 - Registration

11:11  16:52

Click on the thumbnail below to view the registration form:

NSJTA Registration Form - Season 2, 2010

(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 17KB)

(click here to install Adobe Acrobat Reader if you don't already have it)