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2013-14 Committee

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The committee for 2013/14 - as elected at the AGM on July 7 - is:


President     Mr Lindsey Wilson  
Vice President 1     Mr Chris Wootton  
Vice President 2     Mr Ernie Ewert  
Secretary     Ms Oanh Nguyen  
Assistant Secretary     Ms Dani Basaric  
Treasurer     Mr Shane Braszell  
General Committee     Mr Colin Richardson  
      Ms Mandy Coleman *  
Auditor     E. Sperl & Associates  
NSJTA Delegate     Mr Colin Richardson  
NSNTA Delegate     Mr Chris Wootton  
WSNTG Delegate     Mrs Dianne Mayo  
Club Coach     Mr Gim Kurti (Hot Shots Tennis Academy)  


* Ms Mandy Coleman was elected to the committee at the AGM but subsequently left the committee.