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2017 Melbourne Cup Tournament - Results

21:44  13:52 

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Melbourne Cup Tournament!

  • Open Boys Singles - Cameron R (runner-up Marcus P)
  • Open Boys Singles Consolation - Akesh N (runner-up Jack A)
  • Boys B Singles - Dean H (runner-up Kieren D)
  • Group D Singles - Aaron G (runner-up Jake A)
  • Group D Singles Consolation - Jack J (runner-up Alanah J)
  • Open Boys Doubles - Cameron R / Leon L (runners-up Jordan B / Marcus P)
  • Open Boys Doubles Consolation - Dylan B / Jack A (runners-up Jayesh M / Dean H)
  • Group D Doubles - Aaron G / Alanah J (runners-up Jake A / Jack J)
  • Mens Open Singles - Nick W (runner-up Robale T)
  • Mens Open Doubles - Nick W / Robale T (runners-up Cameron R / Shane B)