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Competition & membership fees

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Dear Members,

Just wanted to remind you that many members have still not yet paid for their Spring Season 2, 2018 NSJTA/NSNTA fees and many memberships are also due. There are still a few players who have not paid their current (Season 1, 2018) competition fees.

Please note that for future seasons, the committee will be taking into consideration whether members/players have payed their membership and competition fees on time when selecting teams. Competition/Membership fees go back to the club in the form of court and clubhouse maintenance/development and trophies so please make sure to get the fees sorted out as as soon as possible!

Also a reminder that registrations for the Queen's Birthday tournament will be open until June 5. You can download the entry form here.

We appreciate your time and hope you have a nice day.

On behalf of the committee

Jules Nisperos
Deer Park Tennis Club Inc.